Policy Documents

MichCare is a plan for Medicare for All for the state of Michigan, providing publicly financed health insurance to all Michigan residents under age 65. Link to MichCare.

A plan to address Michigan’s failing auto insurance system, which will do the following: end redlining, create a “Truth in Insurance Commission” for accountability and transparency, & reduce medical and legal costs by ending exploitation. Link to Auto Insurance Policy.

A plan to move more Michiganders from prison to productive citizenship while reducing the biases that undermine our criminal justice and law enforcement systems. Link to Criminal Justice Policy.

Common-sense steps to re- duce gun violence and keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, like domestic abusers and violent criminals. Link to Gun Safety Plan.

A policy vision to reinvest in the crumbling infrastructure in Michigan and invest in renewable energy. The Bank addresses two critical problems: 1) How can the state re-invest in its ageing public infrastructure without raising the tax burden on the working and middle classes? 2) How can the state make strategic investments in a way that does not pit jobs against our need for clean air, water, and land? Link to the Infrastructure Bank.

An information superhighway for Michigan: net neutral public broadband. Link to MI-Fi.

A set of transformative solutions for our cities to empower communities and unlock our potential through a comprehensive, people-oriented, rigorous, and ambitious program of change. Link to the Urban Agenda.

A policy to guarantee protection of Michigan’s water protected and reinvest in Michigan’s water infrastructure. Link to the Water Policy.